Classroom Lecture

About Our Company

In October 2019, with his daughter in mind, LeLann founded LeLann For President LLC as a non-partisan political education company focused on teaching the position, purpose, and power of each elected office on all levels of government. The company's mission is to offer classroom curriculum and community engagement activities to educate current voters & future voters about political representation. In October 2020, the company released its first children's activity guide titled "Let's Vote!" providing a fun and engaging way to teach political representation to future voters inside the classroom. Within one year of being a vendor with Metro Nashville Public Schools, LeLann For President LLC had contracted its first school to purchase the activity guide for all of its 5th grader students. In 2021, LeLann created the Chalk Board Bus Initiative expanding the company's reach beyond classrooms and into the community. The initiative creates a bridge between government and community by putting a fun twist to community engagement. 

Meet Our President

     LeLann Evans is a well-versed and internationally experienced professional that has gained extensive knowledge of cultural inclusion and the importance of minority representation. Through work, school, and volunteerism he has traveled to 14 different countries attaining an in-depth comprehension of international relations and global diversity. His expertise ranges from grassroots field strategies to multilateral and multicultural project implementation. His relentless work efforts have created a global network pool to share best practices. LeLann earned his B.S. in Political Science from Austin Peay State University where he also completed a six-month study abroad program in South Korea. In 2017, he received his Non-Governmental Organization Management certification from American Graduate School in Paris, France, where he spent 2 years studying International Relations and Diplomacy with a concentration on global racism. While in Paris, LeLann worked with the Ivory Coast delegation to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.