About LeLann For President LLC

LeLann For President LLC was established in 2019 by LeLann Evans. After years of working on both state and local elections, LeLann realized there was an informational gap between voters and candidates. An alarming amount of constituents were disengaged with elections due to not knowing who was running, when elections were,  or why it was even necessary to vote. That's why LeLann created the LeLann For President Civics Curriculum to educate people of the position, purpose, and power of each elected office. Apart from educating the community, LeLann understood that a strong candidate is also a key factor in voter turnout. By combining both the educational aspect and the campaign consulting portion, LeLann For President LLC provides voters with the tools necessary to creates a more transparent and accountable government. LeLann For President LLC, it's not a campaign, it's a political education company.

Meet LeLann Evans 


LeLann Evans is a well-versed and internationally experienced professional that has gained extensive knowledge of cultural inclusion and the importance of minority representation. Through work, school, and volunteerism he has travelled to 14 different countries attaining an in-depth comprehension of international relations and global diversity. His expertise ranges from grassroots field strategies to multilateral and multicultural project implementation. His relentless work efforts have created a global network pool to share best practices. LeLann earned his B.S. in Political Science from Austin Peay State University where he also completed a six-month study abroad program in South Korea. In 2017, he received his Non-Governmental Organization Management certification from American Graduate School in Paris France, where he spent 2 years studying International Relations and Diplomacy.


Since returning from France in 2017, LeLann has been working as an independent contractor landing jobs on both local and state-level campaigns. In 2018, LeLann worked as the Broward County Regional Field Director for Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum. In 2019, LeLann worked as the Campaign Manager for Zulfat Suara for Council At-Large, helping Tennessee elect its first Muslim woman to office.  He continues to do public speaking, service learning projects, and community activism work. His biggest challenge and motivation to date is raising his beautiful daughter. He understands that the work he does today will shape the future reality for her generation.   

LeLann D. Evans